Frequently Asked Questions

What dishes work with these coasters?


Stainless steel and sturdy plastic are the most ideal.  Heavy condensation can disrupt the gel grip, so use insulated if you plan to use heavy ice.  Light condensation has shown to be tolerable for the gel grip.  The cup bottoms do not need to be completely flat, as most cups aren’t, but they need enough smooth surface area to secure to the gel.  Test the hold by attaching the dish to a coaster and then try to remove it by pulling the coaster straight off.  If you can’t remove the coaster by pulling it straight from the dish, it is a good fit.


Avoid irregular bottoms and anything fragile, especially fragile stems.

Glass will work but we highly recommend that you only use unbreakable.





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What tabletops work with these coasters?


They’ll work with more than just tabletops!  While we have not tested every possible surface, we do know that the smoother the surface the better.

Hard, flat, clean and dry surfaces are recommended.  Avoid oily surfaces like teakwood and avoid things like tablecloths that may ruin your gel.


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How many times can the sticky gel be reused

and how often do I need to wash it?


When properly cared for, the manufacturer labels the sticky gel washable and reusable at least 200 times.  Wash it with warm water only and let it air dry.  This includes the gel used on the coaster and the bottom of the base.  The base can be left on its table surface indefinitely, or can be placed and replaced multiple times before it loses its grip.  The gel for the dish/cup should be washed after one or two uses because it begins to lose its grip more quickly.

We only recommend using the Stay Put Systems gel pads.

You can purchase replacement pads and bases through our online store.


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Can these be used in extreme waves, such as 3 to 4 feet high, as we see on the great lakes?


Indoor simulated testing suggests that they will work quite well under those conditions, provided they are used within the tabletop, dish, and gel care requirements.  However, official testing in that environment has not yet been done.  We look forward to putting them to that test in spring/summer 2019.


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How much weight can a magnetic coaster hold?


In simulated testing, one magnetic coaster held a chip bowl with contents that weighed 2 1/2 pounds.  You can always double-up on the number of coasters for heavier bowls or platters, putting two or more side by side.   Always keep in mind that the taller a glass/dish, the more stress the magnet and gel will experience during motion, so height will play a larger role than weight.  We have not yet established a height limit, but highly recommend keeping your pours shallow and your tumblers/cups medium height or less until we have better data.  We plan to supply double ply bases which will accommodate taller tumblers/cups.



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Can I take the base with me from table to table without washing the gel in between?


As long as the gel does not get too dirty or wet, it can be moved from one table to another before washing. Make sure each placement happens on a clean and dry surface. The same is true with your coaster. Always test for security before use and if you notice that it is not sticking well, it is time for a wash. If you wash and air dry it and it still isn’t sticky enough, it may be time to replace the gel pad or the base.


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Are these dishwasher and microwave safe?


No.  They are neither dishwasher nor microwave safe. To keep clean, use warm water on the sticky gel and use a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris from the coaster.

You may leave the gel secured to the coaster while washing with warm water, then put the coaster and on its side to air dry.


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Do these work with Yeti’s and tumblers?


As long as the bottom is an appropriate fit for the gel, they should work.  Always remember to avoid any cups that produce condensation.  Until we know more about height limits, be cautious with how tall your Yeti or tumbler is, especially on large bodies of water that experience large wave patterns.  For now we do not recommend pushing beyond 6-7 inch height.


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Are there temperature limits for the sticky gel and magnet?


Yes.  The sticky gel should not go below -4 degrees or exceed 248 degrees farenheit.  The magnet will become brittle at temperatures of -15 degrees farenheit and will lose its power at 170 degree farfenheit.  While warm surfaces are okay, do not attach to hot surfaces.


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Does humidity affect the sticky gel?


No.  According to the manufacturer, humidity does not affect the sticky gel.  However, if it gets wet it will not re-stick again until it is dry.


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Can my stemware break while removing the coaster?


Yes.  If your stemware is particularly fragile it can break during removal.  We do not recommend using any stemware, or dishware, that is particularly fragile or has sentimental or other value to you.  If you do use stemware with a fragile stem, be sure to avoid pulling the coaster off by stressing the stem in any way.  Instead, run the coaster and stem under warm water and let the water slowly do the removing.


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Can I use 2 coasters to hold something larger, like a casserole dish?


This idea has undergone simulated testing and held quite well even under high wave simulation.  However, more testing needs to be done before it can officially be labeled for use in this way.


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